Trend: Floral


Spring is here and flowers are abloom, not only in nature but in menswear as well. What was once the go-to print for cocktail dresses and your grandma’s old couch is becoming a staple in the modern man’s attire. As many ways as there are to do it, there are ways to OVER do it.

The Pocket Square


A little floral never hurt anyone. A pocket square is an easy way to add a touch of print without going overboard. Whether you poof your square proudly or just have a touch showing, a well placed hanky can show a pop whatever your comfort level is.

Lapel Pin


You know that little slit on your lapel? Maybe it’s something you’ve overlooked before, but the lapel is a viable option to add a flower. Floral lapel pins like the orange one I have on in this picture allows you to bring in color in different ways.

The Floral Shirt


I remember a couple years back in the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Russell Brand’s character Aldous Snow lamented the prospects of wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt. “Take my eyes but not the shirt,” he sarcastically quipped. Though I won’t be buying stock in Tommy Bahama I can’t deny the flourish of floral print shirts as of late. I recognize the bold prints aren’t for everyone but the subtle print I’m rocking here might be more your speed. Seriously, how often can you wear a check shirt?

Experiment with new prints and add some floral in your life.


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