To Beard or Not to Beard

Facial hair is more than just a happy byproduct of puberty. It’s an art form, a fashion accessory and a means of self-expression for men not just now but throughout history. This symbol of virility is a decision made by the man himself. It’s raises the question: “Should I grow a beard?”

Sometimes genetics answers this question for us. Many men can’t (or don’t have the fortitude) to cover their face with hair. There’s nothing less attractive than a guy with a patchy beard (or maybe a girl with a patchy beard). Facial hair often supplants the losses netted with receding follicles. I guess the idea of replenishing what’s been lost sparks the chin growth as some grow a beard when they start to bald.

But if you’ve got the genes and the time the question arises whether to don an extra layer on your face. There are as many reasons to wear a beard as there are styles. From mutton chops to the goatee, every shape has had it’s time in history. Some shun more elaborate styles for fear it will “be too itchy”. If you worried about that, Princess, maybe you should grab that Schick right now.

So why do I have a beard? Maybe it’s just my celebration of being male or something of that ilk. But probably it’s just because I can. It’s that simple.


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