My Favorite Things

In everyone’s closet, there’s the items you say “What was I thinking?”. Then there’s the items you can’t wait to wear again. Versatility, fit, and an overall cool factor turns that ho-hum purchase into a go-to for years to come.

Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarer


Classic brand in a classic silhouette, the wayfarer provides the form that fits a lot of people well combined with the ability to fold the shades in half and pocket it. I’m also a sucker for tortoiseshell.

Ray-Bans available here

J. Crew Caramel Chinos



Everyone needs a good pair of chinos in their repertoire. Time after time, I go back to these Urban Slim chinos from J. Crew in melted caramel. Don’t get me wrong, I have quite a few hues in this style, but there’s something about the way this particular shade of khaki pairs so well with navy.

chinos available here

Miansai Anchor Bracelet


From sailor stripe to boat shoes, I love nearly everything nautical themed. Miansai anchor bracelets have an iconic look and pair nicely with a metal watch too. And while I find most men’s jewelry a bit too feminine, the corded rope will never be confused with something from Tiffany’s.

anchor bracelet available here

Cole Haan Lunargrands



Take something classic and put a modern twist on it. That’s a basis for many items in my closet. Likewise, Lunargrands take a classic suede wingtip and throw a Nike sneaker on the bottom of them. The combo meshes street and office style, a marriage I can definitely support.

lunargrands available here

J. Crew Ludlow Shirt in gingham



Released within the past year, J. Crew created a shirt built around its popular Ludlow suit. The result is a trim, high quality shirt that comes in several collar option. I love the spread, as the short collar doesn’t overpower me. With the amount of pattern mixing I do, gingham has become something like a solid white for me. Ubiquitous but still a standout, this is my favorite shirt.

ludlow shirt available here


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