1 Tie, 4 Outfits

Versatility is key in building a better wardrobe. By choosing pieces that give you multiple options, the item becomes far more valuable. For the purposes of this exercise, I wanted to show four different outfits, all with the same tie.

1. Match with your pocket square


Pocket squares can serve many purposes in adding color, but none better than making a tie pop out. The thin stripe in the tie is accentuated in the knit hanky.

2. Match Your Pants


Color coordination in neckwear isn’t exclusive to the upper body. Ties can match anything, but switching it up with a bright pant is a way of doing color differently.

3. Match Your Shirt


I think this one is obvious, but putting a thin striped tie with a matching shirt looks very sharp. Carnation pink, lavender and light blue are three shades of shirts that will match with most shirts though.

4. Mix Patterns


Maybe mixing prints isn’t in your repertoire, but the key is common colors and mixing thick and thin. While the print is a large gingham, the thin stripe matches instead of clashes.


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